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Services Overview

Highlights of Stu’s Program Offerings

Throughout the Sales and Marketing community Stu is recognized as one of the foremost presenters for speaking engagements illustrated through delivering his key foundations of refining sales approaches to augment customer loyalty while increasing revenues.

As a seasoned trainer and coaching pro, Stu nimbly guides marketers toward a deeper understanding of their own personal styles and how to recognize their prospective and current clients’ communication preferences, decision-making, and value systems. The Four People Personality Style Assessment, created by Stu facilitates these exercises.

Each of Stu’s programs concentrates on these objectives:

  • Create long term customer relationships maximizing revenue generation
  • Increase the salesperson’s win rate for new business development
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Better time management
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Improving your sales effectiveness 

Learn to resonate more genuinely with customers with the endgame of generating greater sales while minimizing the sell-in cycle.


As a skilled professional speaker, Stu delivers an engaging and inspirational presentation at keynote and breakout session events.


With Stu’s sustained coaching methodology, sales teams develop their own styles and how to meet the needs of their customers.


Stu zeroes in on specific aspects of the sales cycle through his training programs that are custom designed for sstand-alone and as a series of presentations.

Results you can expect

Increased Sales

Shortened Sales Cycle

Reduced Turnover

Win More Business

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Meet Stu

After thirty-seven bankable sales years representing major corporations, Stu’s humanitarian spirit sought a fulfilling direction to contribute to the sales community.   With previous know-how gained as a college professor and developer of a university-level sales management course, he reached the confluence of all his gifts: to share his knowledge in a learning environment for those who desired a deeper understanding on how to succeed in a crowded sales marketplace.

Reflecting on how he intuitively developed new and enduring business relationships, Stu classified his understanding of people into four fundamental personality types.  “Four People You Should Know” resulted as a tool for sales professional seeking to close business by understanding what motivates people’s decision making.  Stu provides clear insight into this process through his book, Four People You Should Know, and a personal on-line assessment available on his website.  A prolific writer, Stu has produced a series of publications, including his most recent book, The Relationship Selling Secret.

Through his various service offerings, Stu has inspired and energized individual salespersons, company sales teams, and event audiences alike to improve their effectiveness, resonate more genuinely with customers, and increase revenues.

“It’s not what people buy that counts, but why they buy.”

Stu Schlackman

The Foundation to Achieving Professional Success

Within the work environment, people skills and emotional intelligence are critical attributes to achieve success with customers and prospects.  Learned through life experience rather than from a formal education, these skills can be strengthened by understanding the personality styles of those we associate with on a day-to-day basis.  This is accomplished through applying the system designed by Stu, the Four People Personality Styles.

What our clients say

“Stu’s engagement with our sales team had a profound impact in the 2nd half of 2019. Through his coaching, our field sales team doubled in activity and pipeline, resulting in a strong 4th quarter performance. Stu is an expert sales coach and has the ability to communicate practical/tactical advice in a way that sales teams quickly embrace.”

Michael Kornegay | Chief Revenue Officer

Omnigo Software

“We received tremendous positive feedback from our attendees and know that Stu made a difference. He is such a passionate speaker with an enthusiastic personality; and his presentation is active and got people up and moving. Attendees really enjoyed being engaged with each other during the presentation, and they had fun the entire time! We would definitely recommend Stu for others wanting to build up their teams.

Leona Labruyere, CMP

Director of Events, Excell Dealers

“Stu conducted a day of sales training for our seasoned account directors and executive team. His experience was evident, his delivery dynamic and the content spot-on and specifically tailored to our needs. His training had an immediate impact to our existing sales processes which will translate into future benefit and improved performance for our company. I would highly recommend Stu if you have the desire to move your sales team to the next level.”

Tom Kay

Vice President Sales & Marketing, ENTOUCH

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