3 “Musts” for Customers to Buy

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Sales Strategy

It’s three in the afternoon and you get a LinkedIn message from someone who wants to increase your revenues by 20%. You look at the person’s name, think back if you’ve met them and realize it’s someone you’ve never heard of. What do you do?

Respond back interested? Say no thanks? Or just ignore?

If you’re like most people, you just ignore it. Why? Aren’t you interested in increasing your revenues by 20%? Of course, but you don’t know them, so you’re not willing to take the risk.

Why is this opportunity a risk? Because you know nothing of their track record. They’re an unknown entity without testimonials or referrals from people you know and/or respect.

Yes, you want to grow your business, which often means reaching out to people you don’t know. Yet, when they don’t know you, they lack a solid reason to buy.

Today, let’s talk about 3 solid reasons that people buy.

1. Trust. We buy from those we trust, those with a track record. No trust, no purchase. You need consistent and predictable outcomes time and time again to have trust. That’s what gets repeat customers every time.

People evaluate trust based on character and competence. Do you deliver on your promise? That’s character. Are you great at what you do and are you consistent? That’s competence and performance. These are the minimum requirements to building trust. https://youtu.be/gTzCQd8U4mQ

2. Tagline.
What sets you apart? How do you describe who you are and what you deliver? For Domino’s pizza the tagline was “30 minutes or it’s free”. That’s what made Dominos who they are today. For BMW it’s the “Ultimate Driving Machine.”

That’s a promise of a great ride and great performance. Their automobiles are “engineered” for excellence. That’s what differentiates BMW and justifies the price of their autos.

Make sure that your tagline describes your promise; otherwise your reputation will be deceptive. In the digital age, your company can be destroyed in a matter of minutes if word gets out that you don’t deliver on your promise. Customers are more informed today than ever because they can obtain amazing research online.

3. Tangible Results.
When you see a return on your investment and it’s in line with your expectations, you’re happy. The following formula is so true:

Happiness = Results – Expectations.

When you under promise and over deliver, you will have happy customers every time. When you get tangible results, you’ll happily tell the world about it. Why?

Because you want to help someone else get the same results you experienced, and as a bonus, it makes you look good! It’s human nature to share good news and make others happy. And when this happens, everyone wins, including you and your company.

Today, customers have higher expectations than ever before. Therefore, they are more likely to share their opinion, which isn’t always what you want to hear.

But when you listen to their opinion, it gives you the opportunity to respond in a way that demonstrates your ability to meet their needs.

Remember that it’s especially important to provide solid reasons for prospects to buy from you. First, build trust. Second, use a tagline that conveys your value. And finally, make sure the tangible results you promise meet their expectations.

Good selling!