Adding a New Dimension to Sales

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Sales, Sales Coaching

As a sales trainer for the last twenty-five years, I’ve always been intrigued with personality styles and the tools that have been developed. I’ve used Myers-Briggs, DISC, the Four Social Styles of Selling, and others. All these tools are great to help you better understand who you are. But what about the other person? Your team members as a sales leader or your prospects and customers? Can a personality tool be used to help build long-term relationships with others? I believe the answer is absolutely yes.

Several years ago, I decided to develop my own tool geared towards sales and sales leadership. We’ve been using it in seminars and keynotes around the world and the impact on sales has been very positive. The result is winning more new business, shortening the sales cycle, reducing sales team turnover, and improving the close ratio of sales opportunities.

In 2020 I was sitting in my hotel room getting ready for a workshop the next day. The date was March 6th and, on the TV that evening, they were talking about the Corona virus and how it can impact the stock market. Little did I know that I would not travel for business for the next two years. The world we knew would change forever. The stock market dropped, businesses shut down as well as restaurants and hotels, and a new approach to business accelerated like never before. The video market with companies like Zoom, Go to Meeting and Microsoft Teams.

Even though we are back in person for meetings and workshops, the last year has motivated me to build my Personality Centric Selling course for the online learning market. Now sales leaders and sales professionals around the world can learn the approach I’ve been teaching all these years in the convenience of their home or office.

Why personality styles for sales and leadership? I believe it adds a new dimension to selling and a new perspective. We all see the world through our own lenses, which means that sometimes we don’t connect with the other person because they have a different perspective based on their personality style. When we understand the other person’s personality style, we will better understand how they make decisions, what motivates them to action, how they prefer to communicate, and what they value.

The focus now is on the customer and you can have greater impact on communicating how you can support them. My approach to using personality styles in selling in simple to use and effective. I haven’t seen a personality tool used effectively in selling and that’s what has motivated me to develop this program.

The results we’ve seen are pretty significant. One company in the insurance industry grew 26% in their new business. Another company tripled their revenues in five years. My system is color coded which makes it easy to identify the customer and adjust your approach to have greater impact.

Our new course “Personality Centric Selling” will have an introduction session on November 7th and 12 Central for those that would like to learn more about it.

Here’s to great selling.