Emotional Intelligence

What’s Your Sales EQ?

A prospect has heard through the grapevine that your company is known as unethical and for trying to oversell beyond what the client really needs. They assume that as a representative of the company, you too must be unethical and over-zealous. How would you respond?...

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The Key to Customer Delight

All businesses talk about being customer focused. The customer is always right; the customer comes first; service is our main focus; but most of this is all talk with very little action. Isn’t that true? How many of you have heard this message on the phone - “your...

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Social Awareness and Selling

Have you ever left the initial meeting with a prospect saying to yourself the meeting went great and you immediately tell your sales manager about it knowing you have a potentially new customer in the near future? And then you never get the next meeting and wonder how...

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