Negotiating-It’s all about power

Negotiation is power perceived but not necessarily used. Negotiating is all about assessing where the power lies. With negotiation, advantage comes of either convincing others of your power or properly reacting to power on the other side of the negotiation....

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Negotiating with inside information

When it comes to negotiating you always have a choice to enter into it or walk away. The most important point to assess when considering a negotiation is who has the advantage when it comes to “power”. We need to assess power before we move forward and once we do we...

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Anticipating your negotiator’s style

Robert Menard’s book “You’re the Buyer-You Negotiate it” does an excellent job assessing the characteristics of the four personalities as it relates to their negotiating style. Robert uses a model which expresses their styles in terms of Analytical, Amiable, Practical...

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