Relationship Selling

Why Customers Hate To Be Sold

You’ve heard it many times- customers hate to be sold, but they love to buy. Why is that? Think about it, don’t you despise people telling you what to do or giving you their opinion on what they think you should do? Are you happy or mad when a friend tells you what’s...

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3 Musts for Sales Success

I believe Sales is a competitive sport. As we enter 2010, the successful sales professional will look at the economy and say-this will be a great year! In other words it doesn't matter if we are or were in a recession and it doesn't matter if the forecast for 2010 is...

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The power of influence

Politics is a game of influence. Politicians make a commercial and hope by watching it, you will be influenced to remember them and think favorably of them. They hold a rally and you witness them speak: they seem to be good folks. They shake your hand and its...

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