Discover the Hidden Dimension of Selling

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Personality Styles

Selling is a competitive sport, and it’s about winning because when you sell your products and services, you are competing against another company that promises that they can do the same faster, better, or for less money. In sales, there can be winners and losers. But that is what makes it exciting and exhilarating just like the Super Bowl.

If selling is a competitive sport, then you must train like any athlete in any sport.

The more you train, the better you get since the brain remembers what you practice. It’s called muscle memory. There are traditionally two facets of sales training. Product training and skills training. Some companies emphasize one over the other depending on whether you’re selling a tangible product like a car or piece of equipment.

Product knowledge is a must.

But sales skills training is equally critical. You can have the best product in the world, but if you can’t connect its benefits with the customer, you’ll lose the sale.

In sales skills training there is a hidden dimension that needs to be addressed. It’s the client or prospects personality style. Why?

Because it’s not how you sell that will win you the business, it’s how your customer buys.

You need to connect with them on their terms, valuing what’s most important to them.

Here are the critical categories to consider:

  • How they prefer to communicate.
  • What they value.
  • How they make decisions.
  • What motivates them to act.

It’s easy to approach each customer the same way based on your personality style, training, and experience. After over two decades working with my Four People Personality Styles, I’ve learned that sellers tend to see sales situations through their own personality lens. But your customer has their own lens which can be different from yours.

When you meet a prospect for the first time, you need to ask yourself, what is the personality of the person I’m meeting? When you do this, you take the emphasis off what you’re trying to accomplish, putting your focus on what the customer wants to accomplish.

You can identify a prospect’s personality by asking the right questions while noticing their mannerisms.

Here are a few tips to identifying their personality:

Do they prefer to talk or ask questions.

  • Blue and Green personalities prefer to ask questions.
  • Gold and Orange styles prefer to talk.

What do they value?

  • Gold = a strong return on investment.
  • Green = state of the art technology.
  • Orange = want to look good in their organization.
  • Blue = want the best for others well-being.

Then, ask these questions to gain a deeper understand their personality style:

When it comes to investing in this solution, what’s most important to you?

  • This question uncovers what they value which can help you identify their personality style. See above.

What are your current challenges that led you to look for a solution?

  • This question will also uncover what’s most important to them in solving their issue.

To learn more about the Four People Personality Styles, visit my website where you can take the personality assessment to learn your Style:

Here’s to great selling.