How Do Your Clients Buy?

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Personality Styles

“It’s not how you sell that matters, it’s how your clients and prospects buy.”

Successful salespeople always tune into the needs of their clients. They read body language, interpret their tone and inflection, and how they respond to the questions they ask. When they are aware of the client’s perspective, they can more easily adjust their approach to deliver what’s most important to them.

I believe one of the most important dimensions in sales is understanding the client’s personality style.

As you know, there are many personality models. You might use DISC, or the Social Styles of Selling, or Myers Briggs which actually has sixteen different styles by adding introversion and extraversion. I use my Four People Personality Assessment which is four colors – Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange. This method makes it easy to remember a face with a name and their color. It’s also easier to remember the characteristics of a color versus a letter or a group of letters or a word. After all, how many of you can remember what ENTJ stands for?

When I meet a prospect for the first time, I ask myself, “Who I am with?” In other words, what is their personality style. This approach helps me pay more attention to the words they’re using, their nature – serious or social, skeptical or trusting, all of which help me identify their style. The emphasis is on them, making me more attentive and attuned to their behavior and needs.

Clients buy from salespeople they like, trust, and put their needs first.

So why do so many salespeople focus on their own goals rather than trying to better understand their client’s perspective?

Most salespeople sell based on “their” personality style.”

They might believe that the greatest value they offer is technology. But what if the client prefers to develop a strong relationship first or a very strong return for their investment. Now you have a mismatch and there is a chance you can lose the sale.

It’s hard to build relationships with prospects when we approach them from our point of view. Rarely will you connect and understand what’s most important to them, resulting in a weak pipeline, losing business not only in the short term, but also in the long term. That results in higher turnover in the sales team and a loss of morale and momentum.

In my new course “Personality Centric Selling” we focus on this gap. Successful selling is not about a new closing technique, it’s about understanding how clients buy.

It’s a dimension of selling that is rarely addressed, but to me it’s the most important part of the process. Helping your salespeople see how each client responds to the critical questions asked will help them to better connect to the client and identify their personality style.

Remember it’s not how you sell, it’s how your client buys.  

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Here’s to great selling.