How Effective are Your Communications?

by | Jul 3, 2024 | Communication Skills

As a sales leader and as a coach, I’ve seen what happens when leaders lack effective communication skills, yet it’s one of the most critical skills necessary to be successful as any type of leader.

Poor and ineffective communication creates low morale, a lack of trust, confusion, and frustration.  

All of that leads to high turnover that can set your team back more than you can imagine. It destroys the perception of customers, causing them to look more seriously at other options, such as your competitors. Add to that, you have to hire new salespeople where the chance of success is often a flip of the coin.

To communicate effectively, leaders need a strategic approach.  

But how?

  • Convey their message simply so team members understand what actions they need to take.
  • Provide a balance between a sense of urgency, and acknowledging when improvements are made.
  • Challenge their team in a positive and inspiring way, taking their skills to new heights, which can be a delicate dance.

Effective communication is also about understanding the perspective of the salesperson.  

Beginning a conversation with a question can open a meaningful dialogue, allowing you to understand their point of view.

A couple of examples:

  • Where do you think you can improve your results?
  • What do you see as your biggest obstacle to making these changes?

Help them think through their responses, considering different options to help them achieve more success.

Personality Styles are another important factor to consider when working to achieve effective communications. 

We habitually approach others from our perspective. But not every person has the same perspective. Are you a direct communicator or indirect? Do you prefer to be aggressive in your approach or more passive. Do you tell or ask questions to create more dialogue?

Each of the four Personality Styles has different preferences in the way they prefer being coached. When you either don’t know their Style or don’t use it, you’ve missed a great opportunity for connection and solid communication.

Reflect on one of your sales team members who is struggling most. Then, imagine how much better you could help them if you spoke ‘their’ language, using their Style for guidance. What if you could coach that low performer into a high performer – what would that do for your bottom line, and their self-esteem and success, which, in turn, reinforces more high performance?

When you’re more strategic, ask questions to open meaningful dialogue, and use your team’s Personality Styles, you will be more effective at communicating.

And if you don’t know your own Personality Style, and the Styles of your team members, you can get this valuable information, by taking my free online Assessment using the link below.

It’s the first step toward more effective communication which leads to more sales, lower turnover, which means fewer headaches for you!

Here’s to great selling.