Identifying personality from a conversation

by | Jun 26, 2009 | Personality Styles

To identify a customer’s personality style it takes practice, it’s that simple.

As we’ve discussed some key points to identify personality styles are to understand what people value, what motivates them, how their office is organized and how they manage their time and activities. The best way to identify one’s personal is to “listen” carefully to how they communicate and what is being said in the conversation. Does the conversation primarily focus on business issues or people issues? Is the conversation more objective or subjective? Is it around more about tasks or about relationships?

At our dinner engagement the first speaker wanted to thank the board of directors for their support of a great year. As she started her presentation she introduced each member of the board and went on to describe something unique and personal that each person contributed to the team and the organization in the past twelve months. Each description mentioned was unique and memorable. It was all about touching people and building relationships. I turned to my wife and said there is an example of a true “Blue” personality!

The incoming president was next to speak and the conversation was totally different. First he thanked the outgoing board and the opportunity to serve the organization. In his message he mentioned the membership of the club and how he would like to grow the numbers. He mentioned the activities we have on a yearly basis on each of the activities will function to promote the growth of the organization. His presentation did not have the emotion as the first speaker had and his talk was more about being practical and less how about relationship. More objective details were mentioned where the first speaker did not have details about tasks or business issues. I again turned to my wife and said there is your “Green” personality!

You can easily identify a conversation into the “Left” or “Right” brain category. When you are hearing more about tasks and objective and measurable business issues you are more likely listening to a “Left Brain” person. That is a Green or Gold personality. The difference between the two would be in the detail they go into (Green will have more) and how structured and formal they are with the flow and the timing (more from a Gold).

Your “Right Brain” people are Blue and Orange. Blues will focus more on significant and personal contributions about people and how they helped others. Orange personalities will highlight events, activities and how great they were and how everyone looked good the past year. Blues will talk more in detail than the Orange. The Orange personality will be more bottom line driven and not get in depth like the Blue.

Greens and Golds will focus on tasks and objective issues (less emotion involved). Blues and Oranges will focus on relationships and subjective issues (more emotional). Greens and Blues will be more detailed and Golds and Oranges will be bottom line driven.