Is Your Value Irresistible

by | May 16, 2010 | Selling Value

How can our products and services become irresistible in the eyes of our prospects and customers? It seems as though we are in a new day and age of selling where the mantra of the customer is, “don’t call me, I’ll call you”! Have you noticed that too? They get back to you when they are ready, period. Why? Are they really that busy, or maybe their plate of priorities is so full, they feel your products and services can remain on the back burner until their load eases up. What can we do to move up the priority list? It’s like the standby list for first class at the airport. We ask where we stand and what are my chances of moving up the list and getting that first class seat? Membership and rank has its privileges. It also does with prospects and customers!

If we want to move up the priority chain with our prospects we must not just convey our value, but create the perception that our products and services are something they can’t do without. It has been said that perception is reality. No one ever got fired for buying IBM, so they say. Mark Joyner is the author of The Irresistible Offer and talks about the three necessary components of such an offer. They are a high ROI offer, a touchstone and believability. Let’s look at each of these.

A high ROI offer as Mark explains is 90% of the game. Giving the customer more than their money’s worth is a high return on investment. To the customer every purchase is an investment. So if your customers are not getting something from you that is perceived as greater in value than the amount they are investing, they are getting a negative return resulting in a short term unsatisfied customer-not good for your credibility! Bad news travels way faster than good news, so you need to not only satisfy our customers but delight them. When your customer is getting great value for the investment your marketing becomes a lot easier.

A touchstone addresses what you are selling, how much it will cost, what’s in it for your customer and why they should trust you. What the touchstone says is “here is such a great offer; you would be a fool to pass it up”. A touchstone is a very short version with little detail of your value proposition. Like your value proposition, it is tied to your corporate strategy. A touchstone must have the following four key elements to drive home your point.

– Clarity- don’t make it hard for the customer to figure out what you’re saying.
– Simplicity- it should be a simple statement that your customer can easily understand.
– Brevity- keep it short and sweet with just a few words.
– Immediacy- if your offer is strong enough you don’t need to pitch it.

The customer either wants it or not and if they don’t, you just saved yourself and the customer a lot of time. The touchstone gives you 75% of the high ROI offer. Mark mentions Domino’s that has one of the best touchstones ever created- “Pizza hot and fresh to your door in 30 minutes… or less … or it’s free”. In my own company, I use the touchstone – Superior Sales Results – clear, simple, brief & immediate! After all, who doesn’t want their sales results to be superior?

The last component is “believability”. How do you prove to your customer that you can be trusted? It’s good to be bold with your statements, but the bolder you are the harder it is to make yourself believable. There needs to be “proof” to gain credibility. There are three types of proof:

– Social proof – testimonials from customers
– Technical proof – the effectiveness of your product or service
– Factual proof – research that shows your value or popularity compared to competitors?

Lastly, “believability” must be credible – can you be trusted or do you have endorsements from a highly regarded authority who vouches for your product or service? As a process, your customers will first have their interest piqued by your Touchstone that should excite them to dig deeper. Second, they learn to trust you, your products and services because you are Believable – and now they dig deeper still. Finally with your High ROI Offer you show that your touchstone does capture the spirit of what you are offering and you get the sale.

I like the way Mark Joyner provides these simple steps to making irresistible offers. His ideas support my Sales Intelligence System, which is based on the premise that when we understand what our prospects value, we can more effectively serve their needs – we do provide that important touchstone – we are believable and we naturally offer a high ROI.