It’s the Little Things That Have the Greatest Impact

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Sales Culture

What would you think of a service that got the little things wrong? Tom Peters made the statement years ago “that coffee stains on airline tray tables indicate poor engine maintenance.” Being a sales coach and speaker, I’ve started to notice those little things that can irritate the client. How about announcing the flight number and it’s one digit off? Or telling the travelers the wrong landing time and the wrong boarding time. How often do you ask yourself why three attendants are talking to each other and there’s a line of clients waiting for seat assignments? They mispronounce the name of the destination airport. Yes, all of these recently happened to me.

Do you think these little things have impact on loyalty? I believe they do.

Years ago, I decided to fly on one airline over another because a flight attendant wouldn’t give me extra bags of peanuts for my kids who were really hungry. Because of this one incident, today I have 10,000 miles with that airline versus my airline of choice where I have over 2 million. Both carriers had an equal chance for my loyalty, and one earned it over peanuts! Yes, the little things actually do make a big difference!

What small acts can you do now to wow your clients and prospects?

Send an unexpected thank you note? Send an article about their industry and mention that the article reminded you of their business strategy? Or buy them a good book you know would help them with a current issue or strategy they’re pursuing?

Your small act is an unsolicited idea to share with your client because you think it will have a positive impact on their business. And they’ll receive your surprise differently depending on their personality style.

Since the Blue personality style is about relationships and service, they gain an emotional connection when they experience your small act of kindness. Blues are very loyal when they’re treated right.

Golds are prepared and organized. Little things that impress them shows that you’re on top of things and professional.

Greens are precise and analytical so small details matter.

Oranges are outgoing and enjoy the “wow” factor that in turn earns loyalty for a long time. My airline story is a perfect example of how this personality style reacts to the ‘small things’.

Clients love it when you surpass their expectations. Earning business today is harder than it’s ever been, largely thanks to the internet. Taking care of your clients should be top priority 100% of the time since in part because they have more options than ever. Treat each client as if they’re the only one you have.

So, remember that great companies major in the minors. Sweat the small stuff and it will pay off.

Good selling!