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After thirty-seven bankable sales years representing major corporations, Stu’s humanitarian spirit sought a fulfilling direction to contribute to the sales community.   With previous know-how gained as a college professor and developer of a university-level sales management course, he reached the confluence of all his gifts: to share his knowledge in a learning environment for those who desired a deeper understanding on how to succeed in a crowded sales marketplace.

Reflecting on how he intuitively developed new and enduring business relationships, Stu classified his understanding of people into four fundamental personality types.  “Four People You Should Know” resulted as a tool for sales professional seeking to close business by understanding what motivates people’s decision making.  Stu provides clear insight into this process through his book, Four People You Should Know, and a personal on-line assessment available on his website.  A prolific writer, Stu has produced a series of publications, including his most recent book, The Relationship Selling Secret.

Through his various service offerings, Stu has inspired and energized individual salespersons, company sales teams, and event audiences alike to improve their effectiveness, resonate more genuinely with customers, and increase revenues.

Associations / Accomplishments

Served as President for both the National Speakers Association of North Texas for three terms and the Leadership Richardson Alumni Association.

Earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) award from the National Speakers Association, the organization’s highest performance-based designation.


As the Business Division Chair for Dallas Christian College, Stu taught business courses and mentored students at DCC. Conducted sales classes at the University of Texas, Dallas.

Served as a guest speaker at Southern Methodist University and Dallas Baptist University business schools.


Stu was named Man of the Year in 2020 due to his ongoing advocacy for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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