Four People You Should Know Personality Assessment

Welcome to Stu Schlackman's Four People You Should Know Personality Assessment.
You are one step closer to having a better understanding of your personality style and those around you. Enjoy!

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Rank Each Elements
Rating Points
Most Like Me 4
Next Most Like Me 3
Next Most Like Me 2
Least Like Me 1
I typically make decisions based on:
Research and analysis
Practicality and gut feel
Using a checklist and process to evaluate
Trust and consensus
I learn best when:
I do things hands on by trial and error
I use process and methods
I'm interactive in a group setting
I use discovery and experimentation
Relating to others
I relate best to people that are:
Energetic and upbeat
Loyal and reliable
Open and friendly
Curious and knowledgeable
I prefer communication that is:
Succinct and inquisitive
Fast paced with stories and analogies
Direct and proper
Sincere and open
It bothers me when
Others just ramble on for no reason
There is too much unnecessary detail
People are late and unprepared
People are insincere
I am motivated when recognized for:
My Performance and talent
Planning and dependability
Creativity and contribution
Expertise and new ideas
Value at work
As part of a team I value:
Results and action
Follow through and structure
Harmony and cooperation
Efficiency and ingenuity
I express myself by being:
Calm and can be skeptical
Animated and convincing
Controlled and confident
Pleasant and obliging
When there is conflict I tend to:
Address it with the facts unemotionally
Get right to the point
Approach it with preparation
Avoid it if at all possible
I typically make a buying decision when:
I see immediate benefits and it's a good deal
It's justified and meets a need
It feels right and others agree
I've done my research and it's the best choice