Providing Peace of Mind

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Personality Styles

Think about a purchase you’ve made that gave you peace of mind. Maybe it was a financial investment, insurance, a new home or maybe a software package that saved you time and money. Peace of mind is what everyone wants. You can’t put a price on it or state the specific benefits, because they’re not tangible. Peace of mind may be hard to define, but you know it when you experience it. I believe it’s the hidden benefit that everyone wants when buying.

It’s typically the intangibles that make a difference on your airline of choice. Why do so many flyers prefer one airline over the others? It’s the service, the feeling and the attention they experience, not to mention the miles. But your decision isn’t just based on price.  In fact, I fly one airline 80% of the time even though I must change planes in Atlanta. Why aren’t I flying direct? Because I’m loyal to the airline that makes me feel good 90% of the time. Are you the same?

Like so much in life, peace of mind has a different meaning for the four different personality styles. Let’s explore what’s important to each style.

Blues are the relationship style, focused on people and passion, and view peace of mind through that lens. Calmness, relaxation, safety and security are highly important as is being stress free. So, for a Blue Personality to do business with you, you’ll need your service and response to be excellent! That’s what gives Blues their peace of mind.

The Gold personality is all about process and planning. Is the investment a good return, does it give them more control, will it better organize them? Golds need a reason to buy and they do it based on a sound reputation of the company. Longevity and usefulness deliver peace of mind for the Gold.

The Green loves unique and innovative. Will your solution give them better usefulness and improve their efficiency? Greens prioritize precision and perfection. Will the product or service be versatile in what it can do. Is it state of the art and will it not become obsolete in a short timeframe? The more function, the more peace of mind your Green prospects and clients will feel.

The Orange style likes simplicity, ease of use, and one stop shopping. They prioritize performance and like to be the center of attention, so great service will make all the difference in the world to them. They want you to make their life better, which gives them peace of mind.

Four distinct personalities with four very different views of what peace of mind means. See why knowing yours and others personality styles is so important?

The next time you’re working to satisfy a client’s needs, ask yourself – what will bring them peace of mind? Especially as it relates to their personality style. This question takes the emphasis off your goal of closing the sale and puts it on them, which is where it truly belongs.

Good selling!

©Stu Schlackman