Selling in a Crisis

by | May 6, 2020 | Personality Styles

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus worldwide, world economies have been crushed. Many businesses have closed, some permanently and others temporarily, and companies have furloughed millions of people. One of our favorite restaurants in Addison, Chamberlain’s Fish Market is closed. Yes, you can say it’s depressing. We don’t know when or if it will re-open. This came upon us so fast.

No business can exist without the profession of selling. As a sales coach and trainer my concern right now is ensuring that sales professionals have the right attitude when supporting their clients and prospects. Every company in the world is going through the most extreme change they have ever experienced. Change is emotional. It’s hard and most people do not like change. Yet, as professional salespeople we are “change agents.”

The best salespeople will look for opportunity no matter what’s going on around them. During this time, there are three attributes you’ll want to master: confidence, enthusiasm, and expertise. Your expertise is the value you bring in helping customers realize your product or service has great benefit, maybe especially during this stressful time. It’s your ability to help the customer see the problems you solve, exploring their current state, while helping them envision the future state they desire. Expertise is about asking the right questions.

Confidence is being calm during a storm. It’s the ability to trust in who you are and how you can help your prospects and customers. Confidence helps you make it through the tough times, and it helps your prospects and customers feel better, leading to a more trusting relationship.

Enthusiasm is remaining optimistic even when times are tough. And since optimists outsell pessimists by 25%, you’ll want to figure out how to put yourself in that category.  Ask yourself, would you buy from you? Enthusiasm looks at today’s present situation and sees great opportunity.

In addition to honing the skills mentioned above, I’d like you to think about how the four personalities styles view our current situation and how you can expect them to show up.

The Blue personality is concerned number one for their people. What can they do to protect and support their people, keep them safe and calm their concerns? Blues default to worry and fear most of the time. Address the people concerns of your clients who have the Blue Personality.  They’ll want to invest in their people – how can you be part of that solution?

The Gold personality is most likely frustrated. Golds are confident we will get through this but are most concerned about their financials and how quickly they can bounce back. Golds care about the protection and safety of their employees. Does this present a new opportunity for the products and services you offer?

The Green personality is also fear-based and are futuristic, trying to figure out a new direction. Work with them to see where your products and services can support innovation for their company. What new offerings can you support?

The Orange personality like Golds, are short on patience. They want to get back into the business and quickly bounce back. Oranges look for immediate results. Where can you show them opportunity to keep them ahead of the curve and win?

We will get through this, together.  The ultimate responsibility of every sales professionals is to help their customers solve their problems. The problems right now are new ones we did not expect. Be extra curious about their current needs and give them the kind of support they need.

Be safe!

©2020 Stu Schlackman