Sales Training

“Stu conducted a day of sales training for our seasoned account directors and executive team. His experience was evident, his delivery dynamic and the content spot-on and specifically tailored to our needs. His training had an immediate impact to our existing sales processes which will translate into future benefit and improved performance for our company. I would highly recommend Stu if you have the desire to move your sales team to the next level.”

Tom Kay

Vice President Sales & Marketing, Entouch


2501 Springpark Way
Richardson, TX 75082

Sales Training

Stu zeroes in on specific aspects of the sales cycle through his training programs that are custom designed for stand-alone and as a series of presentations.

As part of his ongoing work with clients, Stu offers training programs on the various sales competencies.  Customized to enhance the intuitive strategies, intuition, and skills of each seller and sales leader, Stu’s ultimate objectives are to move prospects to customers, reinforce enduring customer loyalty, and strengthen revenues.

 Sales situations such as closing, prospecting, building relationships, and follow-through are addressed in the weekly “sales meetings” format that Stu leads. 

 Sessions are delivered in-person or virtually, organized in ranges from 30 minutes to half-day and full-day intervals. Depending on client requirements, Stu’s training programs are delivered as stand-alone events, within a series occurring over an agreed-to period, or as a component of a master agreement that comprises a variety of services.