Should I Sit Back and Wait?

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Personality Styles, Sales Strategy

Should I sit back and wait?

You’re making calls to build your pipeline as we all persevere through the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet what your prospects are telling you, “we’re re-evaluating our business right now due to the pandemic. Why don’t you touch base with us in about six months?” Does this sound familiar as it’s certainly what I’m hearing from the sales professionals that I coach. They’re trying to set appointments, but it’s a hard situation. It’s also frustrating.

We’re used to prospects avoiding your appointment requests, saying we have no budget, no time, no interest, we’re happy with our present solution or send me something.

During this time, it’s “easy” to sit back and accept their reason for not meeting. But, you have goals to meet, commissions to earn and mortgages to pay. So, what are you to do?

Is there a better way to re-engage with them? I believe there is.

Remember that most people resist change. They fear the unknown. Well, was this pandemic planned? I don’t think so. And yes, we all have experienced fear and uncertainty in business, but few of us have encountered this great of a change to our business. While we don’t know much, we do know that our approach to business will be different moving forward. For now, it’s “let’s figure it out one step at a time.”

It’s during times like this that we have a choice. Sit back and wait it out or get proactive thinking that now is exactly the right time for you prospects to make a change. Remember the value of your solutions is to improve your prospects business. During a time of “wait and see” is exactly when being proactive can be the right move for your business. It’s the same as being a pro athlete during off season. Do they sit and relax or workout, trying to take their game to the next level?

Elite athletes go for it and I say you should go for it too.

Review your sales stories, previous results, and the benefits you offer. Share them with your prospects demonstrating how they can benefit from your solutions now, even during this time of uncertainty.

As you consider your approach, you’ll want to brush up on the Four Personality Styles. How might they respond to social distancing and the impact of this virus? What’s going through the mind of the Blue, Gold, Green and Orange personalities? How will they pursue their prospects?

Blues worry about everyone’s safety. Blues are great at relationships and are genuinely concerned about the well-being of their prospects and clients. With a Blue Personality you want to address this concern by letting them know about the quality of your solutions, the strengths of your service, and how your offering can help allay their concerns.

Golds are focused on security and financial protection. You’ll want to address their cost concerns, then demonstrate how your solution can give them the strong return on the investment that they expect. Golds are organized and methodical. Use these strengths in showing your prospects value.

Greens are visionary. Share with them how making a change now can be a huge advantage two years from now. Explain how what you offer can be a future benefit while solving their existing problems. Use your logic and innovation.

Oranges look for the immediate opportunities and are naturally optimistic and competitive. Their personality style is most likely to take advantage of new opportunities, so let them know how you have adjusted your process or offering to meet these new times.

We all like to do business with people that are confident and enthusiastic. They’re two of the traits of great salespeople. When you understand your style and the styles of the people you’re doing business with, you are much more likely to make a meaningful connection.

Good selling and be safe!

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