DogWatch Inc. is a manufacturer of electronic pet training products with worldwide distribution. We invited Stu to address our Annual Dealer Meeting. Prior to our meeting, Stu took the time to understand our business. He traveled in the field with several of our customers and tailored his presentation to our business…for our dealers. He was lively, engaging and extremely personable. A real asset to our meeting! We have already invited Stu back for next year’s annual Dealer Meeting…what higher compliment can you give!

Fred King

President, Dogwatch Inc.


2501 Springpark Way
Richardson, TX 75082


As a skilled professional speaker, Stu Schlackman delivers an engaging and inspirational presentations, Stu has inspired innumerable sales professionals, preparing them to refine their sales competence through his introduction of the relationship selling system, 4 People Personality Style Assessment.

A fifteen-year member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), Stu has enjoyed the distinction of being elected to the Chapter President of the North Texas NSA for 3 terms.

Stu is the recipient of the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA), the most elite recognition achievable within this organization.

Drawing on decades of experience in sales, Stu offers his audiences a wealth of practical tools and techniques that help his audiences build their sales successes and careers, no matter where they’re starting out.

Below are his most popular programs, available as keynotes, workshops, and virtual.

Program: Building High-Performance Sales Teams

When your sales department is suffering from ineffective communications or miscommunications, internally or externally

This program focuses on understanding the Four People Personality Styles and how each Style best contributes to a team. Audience members will learn how to adjust their approach depending on the Style of their teammates and leaders because each Style has a different method for communicating and deciding. Knowing and leveraging these differences results in increased productivity and confidence, building a culture of camaraderie.

Program: The Relationship Selling Secret

When you or your team is struggling to understand and effectively respond to the buyer’s point of view

This program will help sales professionals and leaders build long-term, trust-based relationships with their prospects and customers. Using the Four People Personality Styles information, participants will better understand how others communicate, make decisions, and what they value. With that understanding, you’ll be able to build stronger and more successful relationships with everyone in your life.

Program: Negotiating with Power

When you or your salespeople aren’t negotiating the price or margins that your offerings merit

In this program, sellers will learn how to negotiate their terms from a place of power, while, at the same time, serving the needs of prospects and clients. Negotiation requires preparation so that you don’t give away your margins.

Learn how to set and manage customer expectations and how to increase the value you provide. It all starts with assessing the balance of power and moving towards a win-win outcome.

Program: LIVE Demonstration on selling to different styles

When your closing ratio isn’t what it should be or what it has been in the past.

In this highly interactive program, the audience will learn all about the Four People Personality Styles by watching four different sales conversations that demonstrate how the different personality styles behave. The audience will critique the methods and techniques, noticing the differences. After the sales conversations are complete, there will be an in-depth discussion with a Q&A.

Email me for other options, or a custom program: stu@stuschlackman.com

For more details on each program, visit my speaker profile: https://www.espeakers.com/dashboard/10497/profile

When you book Stu to speak at your next event, you qualify to purchase his books at a substantial Bulk Discount, if purchasing 50 or more copies.

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