Stu’s “Impacting Sales” Videos

Go Out of Your Way

 Listen and Learn

What’s Most Important to You?

Your Personality Style is Your Default

Capability as a Differentiator

Simplicity is Clarity: Use Analogies

Ease vs. Functionality

What Are Your Top Challenges?

Are You Open or Reserved?

Analogies Resonate

Building Trust Through Your Experience

Understand Client Priorities

What Clients Expect: Show You Care

Data Sells

Understand Who YOU Are

Tangible Results

Sales is an Art


Relating to the Customer from their Perspective

It’s the Little Things

Providing Peace of Mind

Track Record = Predictability

How to Open a Call

Quality as a Differentiator

How Complacency Helps Your Competitors

Will It Save Me Time or Money?

What Benefits Do You See?

Great Sales Cultures Engage the Whole Team

Analogies Simplify

Building Trust Through Your Expertise

Timing in the Sales Process

What Clients Expect: Be Compelling

Knowledge Sells

Providing Value

Keep Your Promises

It’s the Little Things

You Get What You Pay For

Great Salespeople Are Realistic

Surprise Your Clients

Tangibles or Intangibles

Track Record Builds Trust

Behavior vs. Personality

Simplicity is Clarity: Use Laymen’s Terms

Complacency — When You Don’t Invest

Will It Do What I Need?

Are You Direct or Indirect?

Great Sales Cultures Take Risks

Analogies Persuade

What are YOUR Motives?

Your Clients Have Alternatives

What Clients Expect: Be Convincing

Show Empathy

Go for a Win-Win

Earning Trust


Tell a Story

Great Salespeople Challenge the Status Quo

What is Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Track Record = Common Ground

Service as a Differentiator

Simplicity is Clarity: Be Flexible

Complacency — The Cost of Business as Usual?

What Are Your Priorities?

Are You Task or Relationship Focused?

Great Sales Cultures Put Clients First

Building Trust Through Your Confidence

Un-Managed Expectations

Politics When Selling

Wisdom Sells

Understand Their Perspective

Client or Customer?

Two Reasons You Buy


What Sets You Apart?