The Sales Synthesizer

by | Jul 12, 2012 | Uncategorized

More than a few years ago when I was a freshman in college, I was very “fortunate” to take 4 wonderful semesters of calculus, linear algebra and differential equations. As an engineering major not only were these courses mandatory, they were the foundation of all future engineering courses. I wasn’t off to a good start as the first semester of calculus was looking like a potential “F”. I cried out for help to my good friend Elliott and asked; “will you help me Elliott, I don’t understand what this means and what in the world will I use it for”? What’s an integral and what’s a derivative?

He sat down and actually explained it to me using a simple analogy of a reel to reel tape recorder (I guess this dates me a bit) as it goes from one reel to the next and I got it! The next test I scored an 88, the highest grade in the class. I passed! What Elliott did was take pure analysis of equations and concepts and turn them into synthesis, which is a process of deductive reasoning or cause and effect. In other words, a real life analogy that would help me understand both the concept and how to apply it.

Sales professionals tell me that one of their biggest challenges is making practical sense out of the training they receive and reading they do each year to improve their skills and success. Statistics show that only one month after a training session, 80% of what is learned is forgotten and therefore not implemented. You read many best sellers on sales techniques and strategies and still, you don’t implement what you learn. Why? Is it too difficult? Do you not believe the techniques and approaches would actually work? Which method is best? How can you improve your chances of success in selling?

I’ve experienced this same dilemma. I too ask, “what works, what doesn’t”? What sales approaches are the right fit for the right sales environment? I’d like to help you make sense out of all the different sales techniques, concepts and strategies by putting on the hat of “The Sales Synthesizer” to provide you insights and perspective on all the information out in the market today. What works in the workshop, doesn’t necessarily work in the real world of selling, so I’ll be synthesizing the new thoughts to reveal their applications.

Each month I will share with you a key concept or two that I’ve learned from my sales training experience or from the many business books I read each week. I’ll provide you the key takeaways that I believe will lead to your sales success, in other words Superior Sales Results. You’ll make sense out of the volumes of innovative, engaging, thought-provoking and revealing books that are coming out each and every week. Few have time to read the record number of books being released, much less process and apply them. That’s where The Sales Synthesizer comes to your rescue. I’ll do the heavy lifting for you!

My goal is to deliver you real life value in strategies and techniques that will lead to greater results so you over achieve your sales goals time and time again.

Stay tuned and in August we will start synthesizing! AND, if you have a book that you’d like ‘synthesized’, please email me at and I’ll try to add it to my reading list.