Understanding How Your Client Buys

by | Nov 5, 2023 | Personality Styles, Sales

When I first started selling, I took many training courses on sales skills. What I noticed was that I had my own unique approach to how I would start a sales call with my prospects. I love to start with small talk. Next, I would ask about the prospects’ position and a little bit about their background. I would then ask about their challenges. Once I understand their challenges, I would address how I thought my solution could best support them. I’d finish by summarizing the value that I thought they would receive.

Some calls went very well, and I was successful in getting the sale. But others that seemed similar ended up with no sale.


Doesn’t every customer see value the same?

Actually, they don’t.

What I came to discover over the years is that all buyers are different and so are their circumstances. But not only that, I came to realize that there are four different personality styles that we all have. That realization started my quest to understand how each personality style buys and what they value.

The bottom line is this: To be successful, it’s not how you sell, it’s how your customer buys. And value is in the eyes of the beholder and your clients and prospects see value differently.

What’s most important to the customer in terms of value?

For the Blue personality, value is seen in terms of what it can do for the people in the organization and for their customers. Great service is critical to the Blue personality style.

For the Gold personality style, the finances are of top priority. What’s the return on investment? How will the solution increase revenues or cut operational expenses?

For the Green personality, innovation and technology are critical. Is your solution state of the art. Will it adapt to our future needs?

And for the Orange personality, how will we increase market share or beat our competitors. What will make us dominant in our market.

Each personality style sees value differently. The key is to identify which style your prospect or client is. When you are attentive to what they are saying, you are more focused on conveying the value that is important to them.

Customers buy from salespeople that they feel connected to and who put their interests first. Successful salespeople will adjust their approach based on the personality style of the customer, even when they don’t realize it. They appreciate salespeople who don’t push their products and services, but instead explore what’s most important to them.

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Here’s to great selling.