What are you missing when you present your solution?

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Personality Styles

Have you ever made a presentation to a client or prospect and gotten an apathetic response? One where very few questions were asked and they said, “thanks for your time, we’ll get back to you.” Not exactly the enthusiasm you expected or felt you deserved?

Most salespeople have two problems when presenting.

  1. They rush to the presentation or the demo, (which I call dashing to the demo), and
  2. They don’t uncover the relevant needs that help them fine tune their presentation to the client’s point of view.

It’s human nature to have a certain style when you give a presentation. We typically present information as we see it, sharing what we see as the benefits. But not everyone sees the same benefits or is looking for the same benefits.

For example …

I have the Orange Personality Style which is outgoing, energetic, using humor if possible. I’m a big picture person. When I give presentations, I share what I believe are the immediate benefits to the customer, hoping to get their commitment when I’m done presenting. If my customer also has an Orange personality, there’s a good chance we will connect.

But what if I’m presenting to someone with a Green Personality Style?

With my usual “Orange” approach I would have to say, “Houston, we have a problem!”

There’s a strong chance that we will not connect. Why? Greens want detail. They look at all the “what if’s” and they can be skeptical. The benefits that an Orange wants are not the same as a Green.

Those with a Green Personality Style are visionary and like to know things like:

  • Is your solution state of the art?
  • How will it serve my needs five-ten years from now?

If you ask for the business with a Green style at the end of the presentation, they might be offended. Greens take their time in deciding since they analyze all the information available and will do their own research. Also, be careful with humor since the Green tends to be more serious.

When salespeople qualify the needs of the customer, they need to ask questions that can help you identify their personality style.

Here are two great questions that I’ve seen work well:

  1. Ask: When it comes to investing in this type of solution, what’s your top priority?
    • This shows what they value the most from their perspective.
    • When they say technology and your expertise, that hints towards the Green style.
  2. Ask: What do you see as the biggest challenges to solving this problem?
    • This question also will give clues to their Personality Style.
    • Greens want to tackle detailed technology issues and will have detailed metrics to measure success.

Remember there are four Personality Styles, each having different needs and characteristics.

To be most effective, fine tune your presentation or demo to match the client’s perspective.

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Here’s to great selling.