What are your Sales Strategies for Success in 2024?

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Personality Styles

Being in sales and sales leadership most of my career, I’ve always looked for new approaches to building relationships with prospects and clients. What I’ve found is that when you connect with a client on a new level, it builds a longer-lasting relationship.

As you look at your sales strategies for the new year, I’d like you to consider the importance of connecting with the client or prospects’ individual Personality Style.

According to my Four People Personality Styles process, when you understand the four distinct Personality Styles, you can adjust your approach to better connect with each one. What’s your strategy to connect with these different Styles?

Let me give you an example.

Most salespeople approach their clients in the way they feel most comfortable. But what about from the client’s perspective. What if you like to start by presenting the value of your products and services, yet the client wants to get to know you first? Do you adjust your approach? What if you prefer to start with small talk, but the prospect wants to get right down to business? What do you do next?

What we’ve learned is that each Personality Style has a different preference in how they communicate. Some like to talk, some would rather ask questions. There are those that are direct in their approach and those that are indirect. Clients make decisions differently. Some want details and are skeptical, others are big picture and trust easily.

This example highlights the importance of understanding your prospects and clients in a deeper and more specific way.

Pause for a moment and think of a prospect you or someone on your team has been trying to sell for a while.

You/they’ve tried all of the obvious steps:

  • A thorough needs analysis to understand exactly what they are trying to accomplish.
  • Timely and valuable follow-up.
  • Providing added value through resources and connections.

But now what?

Is it possible that you’re taking the right steps, but in the wrong way?

Just like the example above – are you offering strong product knowledge, but they want to get acquainted first?

Are you following up, but simply saying, “Just checking in to see if there’s anything else you need”.
For the greatest success, you need to identify the personality of the client or prospect so you can meet them where they are.

Becoming proficient at this approach in selling to each of the four styles will require a commitment to learning about each Style and how they buy, decide, and communicate.

To meet this need, I created a new online and on-demand sales training course, “Personality Centric Selling: Leveraging Personality Styles for Sales Success” to help you increase revenues, shorten your sales cycle, improve your win rate, and capture new clients.

To learn how you can start reaping the rewards of our online course click here. This course is for sales leaders and for sales professionals who aspire to leadership.

Remember, it’s not about how you sell that’s most important; it’s about how your clients and prospects buy. Personality Centric Selling teaches you how to answer this most important question.

Let 2024 be your best as you master the Personality Style skills.