What Keeps Sales Directors Up at Night

by | Jun 4, 2024 | Personality Styles, Psychology of Selling, Sales Coaching

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Exhausted from watching team members walk out the door after you’ve invested hours and thousands into their training, only to have to start all over again?
  • Frustrated by the painfully slow sales cycles that drag on with endless back-and-forth, ultimately ending in rejection and lost opportunities?
  • Disheartened because no amount of sales training seems to elevate your average sales rep to the level of top performers?

As a sales leader you probably worry incessantly about these issues and wonder if you can fix them?

Absolutely! Yes, you can!

Years ago, I was a sales trainer for a major computer corporation. Training was a priority since we knew that to beat the competition it took more than just product superiority. It was skills…the art.

The science…that’s the product technology and sales process. But without the art of selling, you can’t win.

A great example is IBM. We competed against them 90% of the time, and most of the time we lost. IBM had the art of selling down. Even though their products cost more and did not perform as well as ours, they positioned relationships and value with the client better than anyone else. How frustrating for us!

One of the biggest challenges with sales training is getting the sales team to believe in its value. At the same time, sellers need consistent and on-going support for the training from their leader. Without this, I call the training ‘one and done’. The result – it doesn’t stick, and everyone reverts back to the same old habits.

But what if there was a new approach to training that was unique, intriguing, and delivered exceptional results? I believe this sales training now exists.

Making a connection with your prospects is critical to building a relationship and moving the sale forward. To do that, you need to understand how the client prefers to communicate, how they make decisions, what they consider value, and what motivates them to action. This comes down to understanding the natural tendencies of the client. In other words, what is their personality style?

Most salespeople sell from their own experience and perspective, including their personality style. You can imagine the problems and disconnect that can create, right? What about the style of the client?

What you, as the leader, needs to remember is that it’s not how your salespeople sell, it’s how your clients buy.

Alignment between what’s most important to the client and how you position your solution will ensure that the client sees the value.

This is what I call “Personality Centric Selling”.

It’s connecting to each client based on what’s important to them. Practicing the Four Personality Styles will help your team be much more effective at closing more sales.

So, if you’ve been disheartened by lackluster sales results and forecasting by your sales team that is more of a crap shoot, Personality Centric Selling can alleviate those headaches for you.

Instead of staying up all night worrying about making your numbers, you can have peace of mind with more accuracy and confidence in a robust pipeline. It’s frustrating when you invest so much effort and dollars into training and don’t see improvement. This new process can be a game changer.

Most of all for sales leaders, the frustration of sales team turnover gets reduced because your team is having more success due to better client relations, allowing you to achieve your goals more consistently. The bottom line is this: you will build stronger relationships with your salespeople and improve your ability to coach them by working through their personality style. Any headaches due to personal issues and performance can be greatly alleviated.

I believe more than anything else, sales professionals and leaders want peace of mind knowing they can achieve the results that bring motivation and long-term success to their careers.

I’m excited to announce that Personality Centric Selling is now available as an online course for sales leaders and their teams.

The first step to leveraging personality styles for your sales success is to take my free Four People Personality Style Assessment


Here’s to great selling.