Why Relationship Selling

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Relationship Selling

Research shows that people buy emotionally, then back their decisions with logic.

That being the case, then emotional decisions must be made based on trust, honesty, integrity, and likability, making the relationship with the salesperson critical.

Statistics have shown that customers make a purchase because of the buying experience, and that experience is relational. That’s the connection the salesperson makes with the customer. The bottom line is – we buy from people we like and feel comfortable with.

It’s been said that for many companies, over 90% of their business is created through referrals. And, where do those referrals come from? From the seller and the trust-based relationship that they develop. A great relationship leads to long-term customers, add on business and yes more referrals.

Even if you find someone on LinkedIn, it’s doubtful that you’ll buy from them until you get to know them. Do you agree? Have you ever bought from someone you didn’t know, except on a small transactional deal? Most of the time we expect value, making it hard to trust someone you don’t know or haven’t met.

Relationships are important in sales.

How else is a customer to know that they were heard and that their needs can be met? When we need something, we rely on the salesperson’s expertise and their intentions. And, we’re watching to see their intentions. Are they interested in my well-being, or only their commission? Are they self-focused or customer focused putting the customer’s needs first? It’s hard to hide our true motivations.

One of the biggest challenges in relationship selling is building an immediate connection. To make that connection more quickly, it’s very helpful to understand the personality style of the customer. That knowledge is like a shortcut to determining their preference in values, communication, decision making, and motivation. Let me explain.

Customers with a high-Blue personality put trust above all else. They want a long-term relationship with a salesperson that always puts their best interests first. Blues enjoy small talk and, like the Green style, are slower to make decisions.

People with a high-Gold put their company first. They are bottom line driven, are well organized and want to see the financials for every investment. Be direct with the Gold and always follow through on your commitments. Gold people are decisive and will respond in a timely manner.

Someone with a high-Green personality puts the solution first. They will have many questions about your products and services because they are skeptical by nature. Since Greens go at their own pace, don’t rush them.

Lastly, a prospect with a high-Orange personality puts winning first. Ask yourself, “Will the solution I’m proposing give them a competitive advantage?” Oranges like to be the center of attention. Focus on their need to succeed.

Relationship selling is about connection and personality is a key part of that connection.

Good luck with your relationship selling!

©Stu Schlackman