Your Track Record’s Influence

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Personality Styles, Psychology of Selling

Your track record is critical when it comes to influencing your clients. But not everyone views them in the same way.

The four personality styles are influenced for different reasons. A statistic shows that clients would pay their sales person for their advice only 5% of the time. While over 30% of clients think the sales person should pay the client for their time. What causes them to want your advice?

Your track record is like a deposit in the bank. The more your clients invest in your advice and see a solid return, the more they rely on you. You’ve built credibility! They say that over 90% of new business comes from referrals. When people get the results they’re looking for, they share that experience with people they know and even people they don’t’ know. People want to share good news.

I recently received great advice on a new diet that I tried and lost 30 pounds in two months. I must have told at least twenty friends about it. And almost everyone who tried it also lost weight. But the reason they tried it was because of the results they saw I achieved. Results rule – your track record rules.

Each personality style has a different perception of your track record based on their individual their point of view. Let’s look at the differences.

A Blue Personality views your track record as a means for making the safe decision. Blues are opposed to taking big risks. When they can see a good return and they see consistency in your track record it leads to high trust. Blues do business with people they know and trust. They like predictability – the sure thing. Blues are the ones that look for the safe route when investing in the stock market. Volatility would keep them up at night. For Blues a solid track record leads to dependability.

Golds have a different point of view. To them, a strong track record leads to longevity. Where Blues view the track record as safe, the word for Golds is secure. Golds value long-term performance and reliability. They respect your track record and it makes you their go to person for sound advice. Golds are very strategic in their approach and methodical. So, a strong track record means results to the Gold style.

Greens are your detailed and factual folks. Your track record is the accumulation of your methods and experiences in your market. They value your ingenuity and innovation. Greens like to have options and view you track record as a resume for out of the box thinking and success.

Oranges want to know your win ratio. What’s your track record of winning. It’s not based on methods or experimentation, it’s based on gut feel and your drive in your market.  Oranges love to win, so they value those that are aggressive and have optimism.

Four different styles with four different views of your track record. Make sure you align for the right reason with the right folks.

Good selling!

©Stu Schlackman